1. The simulation and modelling of the crack path of biomaterials.
  2. Comparative studies of fracture surfaces of a biomaterial with the use of a profilographometer and confocal microscope.
  3. New methods of EDC and 3DMST fractal analysis in the examination of biomaterial surface fractures.
  4. Multifractal characterization of nanostructure surfaces of electrodeposited Ni-P coatings.
  5. Characterization of surface roughness of Pt Schottky contacts on quaternary n-Al0.08In0.08Ga0.84N thin film assessed by atomic force microscopy and fractal analysis.
  6. Multifractal characterization of single wall carbon nanotube thin films surface upon exposure to optical parametric oscillator laser irradiation.
  7. Multifractal analysis of drop‐casted copper (II) tetrasulfophthalocyanine film surfaces on the indium tin oxide.
  8. Multifractal characterization of unworn hydrogel contact lens surfaces.
  9. 3D image multifractal analysis and pore detection on a stereometric measurement file of a ceramic coating.
  10.  Multifractal characterization of water soluble copper phthalocyanine based films surfaces.
  11. Surface roughness characterization of poly (methylmethacrylate) films with immobilized Eu (III) β-diketonates by fractal analysis.
  12. Micromorphology Characterization of SiO2-Based Composite Thin Films with Immobilized Terbium (III) Complex.
  13. AFM imaging and fractal analysis of surface roughness of AlN epilayers on sapphire substrates.
  14. Multifractal characterization of a dental restorative composite after air-polishing.
  15. Morphology and Optical Properties of SiO2-Based Composite Thin Films with Immobilized Terbium (III) Complex with a Biscoumarin Derivative.
  16. Surface roughness and morphology of dental nanocomposites polished by four different procedures evaluated by a multifractal approach.
  17. Surface morphology of titanium nitride thin films synthesized by DC reactive magnetron sputtering.
  18. Morphological features in aluminum nitride epilayers prepared by magnetron sputtering.
  19. Usefulness of 3D surface roughness parameters for nondestructive evaluation of pull-off adhesion of concrete layers.
  20. Fractal Analysis of AFM Images of the Surface of Bowman’s Membrane of the Human Cornea.
  21. Topographic Characterization of Cu–Ni NPs@ aC: H Films by AFM and Multifractal Analysis.
  22. Multifractal spectra of atomic force microscope images of Cu/Fe nanoparticles based films thickness.
  23. Stereometric parameters of the Cu/Fe NPs thin films.
  24. Film thickness effect on fractality of tin-doped In2O3 thin films.
  25. Multifractal characteristics of titanium nitride thin films.
  26. Morphology of Co–Cr–Mo dental alloy surfaces polished by three different mechanical procedures.
  27. Epitaxy of silicon carbide on silicon: Micromorphological analysis of growth surface evolution.
  28. Multifractal characterization of morphology of human red blood cells membrane skeleton, Journal of Microscopy.
  29. Assessment of possibilities of ceramic biomaterial fracture surface reconstruction using laser confocal microscopy and long working distance objective lenses.
  30. Methodology of examining fracture surfaces of biomaterials by means of modelling and multifractal analysis.
  31. Comparative Studies of Fracture Surfaces of a Biomaterial with the Use of a Profilographometer and Confocal Microscope.
  32. Fractal Methods of Analysis of Biomaterial Surfaces.
  33. The Simulation and Modelling of the Crack Path of Biomaterials.
  34. Analysis of the pore volume fraction on the ceramic coating of a biomaterial intended for implants.
  35. Modelling the degree of porosity of the ceramic surface intended for implants.
  36. 3D image multifractal analysis and pore detection on a stereometric measurement file of a ceramic coating.
  37. Reconstruction of gigapixel stereometric maps of ceramic surfaces.
  38. Percolation in modelling of the fracture path in ceramic biomaterials.
  39. Fractal and multifractal analyses of the porosity degree of ceramics used in biomedicine.
  40. AFM imaging and fractal analysis of surface roughness of AlN epilayer on sapphire substrate.
  41. Multimedialna wizualizacja zasady działania pomiarowego, laserowego mikroskopu konfokalnego Olympus Lext OLS4000.
  42. Multifractal analysis of SiO2/polyester hybrid for immobilization of Ru(II) complex.
  43. Multifractal characterisation of thin ferrite films deposited by spray-pyrolysis.
  44. Uticaj metode poliranja na vrednosti 3D AFM parametara hrapavosti stomatoloških nanokompozita.